Trang Sustainability: Green City & Waste Reduction – Department of Environmental Quality Promotion

The Trang Sustainability Project: Green City & Waste Reduction.

This project focuses on the collective responsibility to solve local waste problems, in particular foam and plastic waste from manufacturers, service providers and consumers. The main project activities are:

  • Systemize the reduction and separation of solid waste within government agencies (3 Rs), 
  • A campaign to reduce and re-use plastic bags and to measure and reduce plastic and foam food packaging in the national park area
  • Prohibit plastic and foam packaging use in public and all the government authorized areas 
  • Introduce a waste management system for land and marine waste in the province 

The project is coordinated by the Department of Environmental Quality Promotion, Save Andaman Network, Trang Natural Resources and Environment Office, and the Trang Provincial Government. 

Project’s goals:

  • Trang city is free from single-use plastic and foam food packaging within one year, water pollution in the sea and rivers are measured and reduced, and the risk of cancer caused by chemical contamination from food packaging is minimized
  • Reduce plastic waste in order to lessen the effects of water contamination and disease risks from waste

Project timeline:

3 years (January 2018 –  December 2021 )

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