Developing community capacity in community ecosystem management – Thai Health Promotion Foundation

Developing community capacity in community ecosystem management

This community capacity development project on ‘Community Ecosystem Management for Sustainable Development and Health’ is a collaborative project led by the Thai Health Promotion Foundation (Thaihealth), The assembly brings together NGOS working for the protection and conservation of environmental and natural resources and GSEI of which SAN is a local implementing partner in the area.

The main project activities are to study participatory community ecosystems and community health indicators in the Le-se Ban area (4 villages: Koh Mook, Ban Kuan Tung Ku, Ban Nam Rab and Ban Chan Lang. The project also aims to set up a natural resource management systems in Trang communities, re-developing a natural resources learning center for crab banks and other locally-important marine species, and install solar panel system for crab breeding.

Project’s goals:

To develop community ecosystem management plans that promote sustainable development, a healthy economy and community health

Project timeline:

1 year  (March 2020 – September 2021)